Creativity means for me..

Creative means a love. ..

Both of them are coming for our hearth, and they just grow naturally in our minds.

We cannot predict the coming of the love or Creative, and we just have to learn about it.

When Creative/ love comes, we can not avoid or run for it.

The journey of being Creative or loved will never end until we die. 


The reasons for that similarity is :

“Sometimes when we try to be loved / Creative, in result they will not come to us,

However when we do not want both of them, they just come to visit near to us “

The progression times of being Creative and loved are really the same.


Furthermore, Creativity comes from being different with others, for examples are different in generating ideas, doing some actions, and communicating with others. Those different things will make us to be Creative in ^certain^ point of view, which will divide into good or bad creativity. Many people have their own thinking about something. I think being Creative sometimes have to adapt with others. Being too much or not at all Creative will have impacts to us, such as too many speaking in generating ideas will disturb other people.

So, Creative will make advantages or disadvantages are totally depending on us.

Be careful..

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2 Comments on “Creativity means for me..”

  1. sugusrasamint Says:

    frank,,gambarnya kreatif koq.. haha!

  2. apiqquantum Says:


    keep your writing likes above then improve it.

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