The MOST CREATIVE companies.

The Lists of Creative company based on my ideal ‘dreams’ are:

Unilever has made their products to be the market leader. This company knows how to make the products reach their potential in gain the market shares.  It includes the creativity about them selves. However, they are not stopping like that. Unilever has made a breakthrough in acquisition the potential brand to be the market leaders. Or they just buy the ownership of the market leader products, such as TARO. When other is confusing about the strategy, Unilever acts faster to compete with others”.


  McKinsey business consultant is also creative company in their business sectors.  People generally think about doing business normally, McKinsey Company thinks, acts, and wins different things.” In fact, People do business like most of people did, however McKinsey does a business consultant business to help those usual people. The company gain reputation based on the experiences in consulting many big firms in order to reach their goals.

Air Asia is the most creative business concepts in their airships service. The company gives affordable price to everyone. The company wants to share the moments of using cheap flights to all people from all over the worlds. “Cheap flights change people way of thinking in using airplanes as their transportation to use”. Sometimes we can find that it much cheaper when use Air Asia that other transportation media. Other advantage comes from the faster time that we can save in using Air Asia. No more worried about the flight.

The biggest local book store Indonesia, which is Gramedia, becomes the most creative in their organizing of the local book publisher. Gramedia has separated the books based on their target market. Knowing that Indonesian people are not having high interest in reading books; make Gramedia to do several approaches. The approaches come from the promotion that they give to their customers. “Today when we enter Gramedia, it’s just like in the supermarket. Make sure that we will bring anything to be paid.” Gramedia’s attraction makes many people to visit this books store more often. Varieties of the book become the main weapon of Gramedia.

Viva Creativity!!!!




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One Comment on “The MOST CREATIVE companies.”

  1. Your company list has one great thing in common – they are all creative because they use business consulting services to their advantage. Business consulting is often overlooked and it can greatly enhance your business model.

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