Creative person can be describe with so many ways and version based on the point of view. In my opinion there is several level of creativity. Each level of creativity level has its own uniqueness. Then, the levels are:

*                  Creativity Level 2:  Creative person but not adapt to the environment.

This person is just being creative for themselves. The robber is the examples of this kind of creativity. They create a new system to break the current system. These kinds of people are very creative but not adapt to the environment, in result they just make bad activities for themselves.

*                  Creativity Level 1 can adapt, but not fight with the change of the environment.

They are very smart people in creating many different changes. The key point is they do not want to fight for the change of the environment; they just accept the condition. One of the examples is businessman and woman in the medium class level economy. Every business has to be creative; if not they will be bankrupt. However, they are just being ordinary people that never exceed the millionaire or billionaire person.

*                  Super creativity uses the changes of the environment to be more creative.

Bill Gates is the person that uses the change of the environment to create more creative things. He is just being creative in using the creativity from other people. The other people come from the local person, who is Roby Djohan. He has made some incredible moves in organizing Garuda as the nation symbol, and also makes a merger of Mandiri Bank. He had become the saviour of our nation that saved Garuda as national identity from the bankruptcy.

Today our world needs super creativity people, not just creative in level 2 or 1.  We are not supposed to be ordinary person that have limited creativity.  We have to use our creativity to make us beyond the limit of our ability and thinking.

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