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“What I got today ?”

November 8, 2008

Depend to people, things, hobbies, money will cost nothing.

One of that condition is losing from you, you will be nothing person.

There are many stories about people pride. One day there was a wife that really loved her husband. When her husband died, she became lost of motivation, and tried to kill herself. Other day, there was group of rich people in USA. All of them were very rich in that day. Ten years later, ten of them were found died in tragically condition. Some of them were killed by themselves, and the others died because of sickness. Money that they really depend on left them as the arising of crisis of economic.

People can be proud to their things, but they are not lasting forever.

One of them will be disappeared each another.

The one that never go from you is only God.

Just believe on him, because he is lasting forever, and never let you alone.