My Team Plan

March 20th, 2008 is the day for our team to make a business plan for the future. We have decided to create a dream plan for doing business in the future. Actually, I want to show our idea for the future:



Bisnis kami bergerak dalam bidang Online Game Ponsel yang berbasis life simulation komunitas chating.

Konsep dasarnya: Game + Chating + HP = Produk kita

Keunggulan & Fitur:

·         Chating dengan visual yang keren

·         Interactive Life game simulation

·         5 Kota yang dapat di kunjungi

·         Temukan temanmu di seluruh Indonesia

Target Market:

·         Chating community

·         Gamer community

·         University College

·         ABG

Sumber pendapatan:

·         Sponsor

·         Voucher bulanan

·         Komisi dari tiap pulsa/data yang dikirim

·         Jual softwerenya


Software                             : Rp 50 jt

Pengadaan jaringan              : Rp 100 jt

Promosi                              : Rp 50 jt


Those are the dreams that our group wants to achieve for the future…..

This business idea is only for our memorial to our group “Compact”.. => Dian, Panji, and me…

May this idea bring many good impacts for the future…

Hope this dream comes true…

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