In my opinion, there are several characteristics of creative people, which are:

1.       Having a big DREAM….

Dream come true when we struggle to get on it..

2.       Strong motivation to do whatever God gives to us

We cannot choose many things that happened around us, but we can choose “how to face all of those things”.

3.       Think two step ahead

Having a vision for the future

4.       Help others to develop ourselves

Make someone “BIG”, and then you will also be “BIG” because of them

5.       Work smarter, not work harder

Creative people know their limitation, and develop what can be developed

6.       Set a goal for the future..

Always make a schedule and target for life

7.       Fight until the last chance

Never give up in doing something until reached the goals.

8.       Do things that others do not want to do

9.       Do a small things that create big impacts

Every extra ordinary things begins with a small thing..

So, just do whatever small things that gives positive impacts

10.    Never say “no” to a problem…

Hey problem!!! We have a Big God…

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