The Top Ten Financial Risks to the Global Economy

Today, I have leant about international financing for my final examination at the campus. Things that really interesting in this study is about the financial risk that we face today. Here are the lists of the risks that we face:


1.          Hedge Funds and Derivatives

2.         World Oil Supply

3.         Wealth Disparities in Emerging Nations

4.         Opportunities and Challenges for Growth in China

5.         Trade Liberalization

6.         The Dollar and the Twin Deficits

7.         Environmental Accords

8.         Geopolitical Conflicts

9.         Global Terrorism

10.        World Health Conditions


My lecturer said to me that today hedge funds become very interesting topic to be talked with. I am agreeing with that, because unstable market condition makes investors to think about the risk management of their investment. Then, we have to see the facts to look forward for the future. Those ten issues must be aware carefully and to be seen as the opportunity. Do not ever think badly with our condition, but we have to see the positive impacts of all of them.

Be prepared for the future….

Good Luck..

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