“What I got today ?”

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Depend to people, things, hobbies, money will cost nothing.

One of that condition is losing from you, you will be nothing person.

There are many stories about people pride. One day there was a wife that really loved her husband. When her husband died, she became lost of motivation, and tried to kill herself. Other day, there was group of rich people in USA. All of them were very rich in that day. Ten years later, ten of them were found died in tragically condition. Some of them were killed by themselves, and the others died because of sickness. Money that they really depend on left them as the arising of crisis of economic.

People can be proud to their things, but they are not lasting forever.

One of them will be disappeared each another.

The one that never go from you is only God.

Just believe on him, because he is lasting forever, and never let you alone.


Super Lamp of Phillips

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This is the new invention from Phillips in order to save the world from pollution. The product is called Light Blossom, which has 3 special functions.

The functions are using LED system to make the efficient power system of the lamp, keeping solar energy, and producing special light to reduce the pollution at night. These three functions are based on the three petal of the lamp system..

Imagine if all people use this lamp, of course there will be a change..

Wait and see for  the launching of this products..

And save the world !!!!!

Between Men and Woman..

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Men need to be respected..

Women need to be cared…

The key connection on their relationship are knowing their preferences..

For example is when a woman talks too much, then a man should always listen and give comments on it. If not, woman can be angry, and then there will be a conflict between them.

Other example is a man needs a position to be honoured by others. When a man cannot achieve their dreams and everyone is not respected to them, the result is a man will become stress. A woman must know about that, and support by her own way.

Those simple activities will keep you and your couple to be happy..

Then, Just do it..

Duo function…

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Imagine that today all the flashdisk can be joined into your stuff..

No matter what it is.. Duo function flashdisk like this picture can be yours..

We won’t ever forget to bring flashdisk anymore, because it is in your arms..

There you go, duo function products are very usual in the modern day. In the future, there won’t be anymore of single function products. Duo, triple, kwartet, and more functions of the products can be joined. The modern trend goes to the efficient of the products. The limitations of the products are in the progress of expanding.. This business opportunity must be seen as challenge for many businessman. Global changes to technology will bring us to the “new world”, which we do not ever dream before..

Be prepare to see the amazing changes…


PS; If anyone of you interested with this products,you can call me.. =)


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correct me if im wrong.. technology are made to make human life or activity easier,,right?? and here’s a new technology which can help human in doing their activity..

This “robotic clothes” is produce by Cyberdyne in Tokyo and it suppose to help the elderly or the disable in walking .  This “robotic clothes” uses a computer system which attached in the hip area and this device can catch signal from the brain which will be transfered and control the “robotic clothes” to move. This product is already made, but havent been sold in the open market.  This can really help, but i bet it will not be cheap!

The MOST CREATIVE companies.

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The Lists of Creative company based on my ideal ‘dreams’ are:

Unilever has made their products to be the market leader. This company knows how to make the products reach their potential in gain the market shares.  It includes the creativity about them selves. However, they are not stopping like that. Unilever has made a breakthrough in acquisition the potential brand to be the market leaders. Or they just buy the ownership of the market leader products, such as TARO. When other is confusing about the strategy, Unilever acts faster to compete with others”.


  McKinsey business consultant is also creative company in their business sectors.  People generally think about doing business normally, McKinsey Company thinks, acts, and wins different things.” In fact, People do business like most of people did, however McKinsey does a business consultant business to help those usual people. The company gain reputation based on the experiences in consulting many big firms in order to reach their goals.

Air Asia is the most creative business concepts in their airships service. The company gives affordable price to everyone. The company wants to share the moments of using cheap flights to all people from all over the worlds. “Cheap flights change people way of thinking in using airplanes as their transportation to use”. Sometimes we can find that it much cheaper when use Air Asia that other transportation media. Other advantage comes from the faster time that we can save in using Air Asia. No more worried about the flight.

The biggest local book store Indonesia, which is Gramedia, becomes the most creative in their organizing of the local book publisher. Gramedia has separated the books based on their target market. Knowing that Indonesian people are not having high interest in reading books; make Gramedia to do several approaches. The approaches come from the promotion that they give to their customers. “Today when we enter Gramedia, it’s just like in the supermarket. Make sure that we will bring anything to be paid.” Gramedia’s attraction makes many people to visit this books store more often. Varieties of the book become the main weapon of Gramedia.

Viva Creativity!!!!





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Creative person can be describe with so many ways and version based on the point of view. In my opinion there is several level of creativity. Each level of creativity level has its own uniqueness. Then, the levels are:

*                  Creativity Level 2:  Creative person but not adapt to the environment.

This person is just being creative for themselves. The robber is the examples of this kind of creativity. They create a new system to break the current system. These kinds of people are very creative but not adapt to the environment, in result they just make bad activities for themselves.

*                  Creativity Level 1 can adapt, but not fight with the change of the environment.

They are very smart people in creating many different changes. The key point is they do not want to fight for the change of the environment; they just accept the condition. One of the examples is businessman and woman in the medium class level economy. Every business has to be creative; if not they will be bankrupt. However, they are just being ordinary people that never exceed the millionaire or billionaire person.

*                  Super creativity uses the changes of the environment to be more creative.

Bill Gates is the person that uses the change of the environment to create more creative things. He is just being creative in using the creativity from other people. The other people come from the local person, who is Roby Djohan. He has made some incredible moves in organizing Garuda as the nation symbol, and also makes a merger of Mandiri Bank. He had become the saviour of our nation that saved Garuda as national identity from the bankruptcy.

Today our world needs super creativity people, not just creative in level 2 or 1.  We are not supposed to be ordinary person that have limited creativity.  We have to use our creativity to make us beyond the limit of our ability and thinking.